VPAR Parking Lot Maintenance Starting Week of April 30th

VPAR Will be Sealcoating the Parking Lot Starting Monday, April 30th

“What to expect”

Sealcoating is coal-tar sealer applied to asphalt surfaces to provide a moisture barrier to protect your pavement from deterioration caused by oxidation and chemical/oil exposure, as well as rain. The following is a list of things to expect as well as a list of things “you” can do to help prolong the life of your sealcoating. Your cooperation is vital in helping Parking Lot Maintenance apply the product as specified by SealMaster.

~No access to asphalt surface area being treated for a period of a minimum of 24hrs
~All landscape irrigation shut-down a minimum of 24hrs prior to work beginning
~Avoid all lawn care including lawn mowing using lawn blowers or applying herbicides during sealcoating process

The cleaning phase is the most time consuming part of the sealcoating process. In order for the sealer to adhere to the pavement, it must first be cleaned with wire brooms and power blowers to remove excess dirt and debris. This process creates a high level of noise pollution as well as some flying dust and debris. PARKING LOT MAINTENANCE highly recommends there be no vehicles within 100 ft. of work area. Please do not park in your driveway while your section is being sealed. In addition to the details listed above, you can expect to have no access to freshly sealed surfaces for a minimum of 24hrs. That includes, No Foot Traffic. The sealer can not be removed from carpeting, concrete etc. Work each day will begin at approximately 8 am. All cars located in work area are to be removed prior to this time. Cars left in work areas will be towed at the owner’s expense.

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