Do something for your business… and yourself! Please take this opportunity to get involved with your Association’s 2016 committees.

The 2016 Committee descriptions follow. As a volunteer you will have excellent opportunities to network with your peers and the community – and that makes good business sense! Research shows that the people who work on association committees are:
• better informed
• better networked
• better prepared to act on trends and regulation impacting their business

VPAR will make every attempt to meet your requests. You will receive a confirmation letter informing you of your appointments. Affiliate members may serve on most committees and working groups. Some Committees are limited in number of appointments available. The Charitable Foundation, Public Policy & the Professional Standards Committees & Grievance Committees require specific experience. Call the Board office for more information on these committees. Please call Jim Wetzel, CEO if you need more information. Public Policy applications can be picked up at the VPAR office or by calling VPAR at 757-599-5222.

Awards Committee
Annually reviews the Outstanding Salesmanship Club (OSC) Award applications and conducts audits as necessary. Reviews requests for changes to the OSC criteria and forwards recommendations to the Board of Directors. Evaluates, promotes and chooses recipients of the Annual Special Awards such as REALTOR® of the Year, Salesperson of the Year, Affiliate of the Year, Community Service Award, Property Manager of the Year, Manager of the Year, Code of Ethics Award, Rookie of the Year, Sales Team of the Year and Salesperson of the Year. REALTOR® Members only.

Banquet Committee
This committee assists with the planning, obtaining sponsors and conducting the annual OSC Awards and Installation Banquets.

Budget and Finance Committee
Determines and reviews the annual budget, meets quarterly to determine budgeting changes, oversees financial obligations and is responsible for strengthening the Association’s financial resources. REALTOR® Members only.

Charitable Foundation
VPAR Charitable Foundation volunteers assist with the planning, obtaining sponsors and conducting the annual REALTOR® Golf Classic and other charitable events and fundraising efforts for the Foundation.

Member and Community Relations Committee
Provides social opportunities for REALTORS® to network with Leadership, Affiliate Members, and Partners. Define and market the benefits VPAR offers to members. Assist with increasing member and committee participation and diversification. Subgroups include the Broker Relations Work Group which will plan and implement broker education & events. The Community Service work group will be responsible for promoting the Association & REALTOR Community outreach and advocacy efforts.

Professional Development Committee
This committee determines how to best meet the educational needs of the members through Lunch and Learns and REALTOR® Enrichment Series as well as webinars.

Professional Standards & Grievance
This committee reviews and investigates all public and member ethics complaints and requests for arbitration. Professional Standards will hold ethics & arbitration hearings as forwarded by the Grievance Committee. REALTOR® member for 3 years in good standing. Annual Professional Standards Training.

Property Management Committee
Provides an opportunity to develop and implement programs, activities and services and help determine how to best meet the educational needs of REALTORS® who are active in property management. Property Managers only.

Public Policy Committee
This group manages all aspects of the Association’s public policy at the local, state and federal levels. Interviews political candidates and recommends funding to candidates from the REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC) of Virginia. Plans and coordinates Association activities with elected officials. This Committee will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to increase housing affordability on the Peninsula. It will also plan and coordinate all RPAC fundraising efforts and events. Application required.

This committee is charged with planning and implementing an annual trade show for REALTORS®.

Risk Management Committee
This group develops and implements programs, activities and services to protect REALTORS® from unwarranted or unnecessary litigation. Serves as a forum for REALTORS® and attorneys to exchange ideas on issues of mutual interest and hosts legal forums for members as necessary. This committee ensures that existing forms are meeting the needs of the members.

Strategic Planning Committee
Annually conducts needs assessment and strategic planning for VPAR. REALTOR® members only.

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