Virginia Residential Property Disclosure Act Update – ABOUT FORMS REVISED ON July 10, 2017:

DPOR provided a version of the Residential Property Disclosure Statement with signature blocks effective July 1, 2017, which consolidated the notification and all disclosures into one three-page form. In response to feedback from real estate licensees, the Real Estate Board modified the forms so that only the one-page acknowledgement form directing purchasers to the website is required to be signed by parties.

If you had a property that went under contract between July 1-10, 2017, and you used the three-page form on the Real Estate Board website, you are in compliance with Virginia law and do not need the parties to sign the new one-page acknowledgement form.

After July 10, 2017, sellers are required to provide notification to purchasers about the Residential Property Disclosure Statement website using the acknowledgement form to be signed by the seller and purchaser.

Important Information for Purchasers

Selling Homeowners MUST complete:

Selling Homeowners may also need to complete one or more of these forms:

Common Interest Community


Asbestos & Lead