During an online discussion, RPAC was praised for a recent change where FEMA is now allowing flood insurance policies to be written during the government shutdown. No RPAC dollars were directly used in that effort (it is my understanding it was a week-long group effort of meetings, phone calls and emails galore), but a fellow REALTOR’s explanation should be shared. While that reversal did not happen because of RPAC directly, but our meetings were accepted, phone calls answered, emails were read due to the relationships that RPAC dollars have afforded us to create over the years. When we as the REALTOR community speak, our legislators listen.


In the months ahead I hope to educate you on the value of RPAC and our relationship with our communities due to those dollars on a local, state and national level – personally it was a few years in the business before it “clicked” with me and now I gladly support an initiative which protects REALTOR issues, home ownership, investment and much more that affects our local communities daily.  


In closing, many of you close to me know 2018 was all about #WeGotThis when it came to achieving our Triple Crown goal…and thanks to the leadership of 2018 RPAC Chair Peggy Todd and countless others…we did just that. In 2019, with the help of our Past President & my 2019 Vice Chair Dewey Hutchins Jr and all of you, our plan is #WeGotThisAgain to repeat our success of 2019 Triple Crown!


To all those listed below who contributed in 2018…THANK YOU – #WeGotThisAgain!


Your 2019 RPAC Chair,

Kaera Mims