The Presidents Corner – Opportunity

REALTORS® are the heart of a citizen’s opportunity to build a prosperous future by recognizing the American Dream. We are focused on advancing policies that contribute to quality housing, schools, transportation and economic opportunity.


Homeownership is a platform for Americans who strive to improve their lives and provide for the next generation of homeowners. As needs for our services have increased, NAR will continue to invest in initiatives that will help the people we serve. NAR can’t do it alone, nor can we sit around and wait for directives for handling local issues. This is why August is a prime month to
invest in leadership and initiatives of our Association. With over one thousand plus members, guidance and collaboration are paramount for our future. Consider the opportunity to make a difference by becoming active in YOUR Association.


The first step is complete since you are an active REALTOR® member on the national, state, and local level. The next step is to contribute and create innovative and new processes to make VPAR better for current and future members. Your ideas count and we want to hear them. As VPAR President, my most rewarding activity has been participating in the new member REALTOR® Indoctrination classes. So far this year, eighty three individuals have joined our VPAR family. Just think, all successful agents, award winners, and volunteer leadership members were rookies once in their career. The possibility of a future REALTOR® of the Year, Salesperson of the Year, Director, Treasurer or President may be in our midst. I hope every one of them achieves their vision of greatness in their endeavors this year and years to come. We work in the land of opportunity, growth, ideas, innovation, and results while having a positive impact in our community. Good luck rookies and find your path to greatness and involvement within our Association.


– Dewey M. Hutchins, Jr., 2015 VPAR President

The Presidents Corner – “Under all is the land”

Dewey Hutchins“Under all is the land” Simple and profound, this is our REALTOR® mantra. As we become entrenched in our daily affairs promoting service to our clients, let’s not forget our core responsibility as REALTORS®. We should recognize the interests of the nation and its citizens require the highest and best use of the land and the widest distribution of land ownership. Sound familiar? It should, this statement is from our REALTOR® Code of Ethics. This clause also exemplifies our purpose and above all, sets us apart from firms and individuals that sell without adherence to these core principles. Adhering to the Code may be a daily routine for us, but to our clients, customers, and general public, it is a sign of professional commitment to our community.

As a REALTOR®, we have a responsibility to be diligent and proactive on issues regarding regulations, municipal ordinances, and changes that will impact our clients and industry. When a REALTOR® sign is on a listing, it is a sign of service preservation. It is a sign of preserving and protecting the welfare of our clients and sustaining the value of the local neighborhood. It’s a brave new world of buying and selling real estate and we must be focused on the latest compliance standards of our industry while still providing old fashioned service.

So far, housing this year is shaping up to be a great one. I admire NAR’s decision to implement our Core Standards. This progressive tool further distances our membership from the companies and sales agents that don’t engage in our Code of Ethics. The Core Standards are designed to encourage us to strive in our marketplace, not just survive. Our membership has an obligation to inform and educate the public at every opportunity during real estate discussions. There IS a difference between a REALTOR® and a sales agent. Never assume they are just interviewing REALTORS®.


When you’re at a listing appointment or buyer counseling, ask a “what if” question of the consumer. What if facts were exaggerated or misrepresented about the property? What if your interests were not being protected? What would you do? Where would you voice your concern? Simple questions, but profound answers the consumer needs to know when making an informed decision about real estate. Our mission is not impossible, it’s our responsibility to explain the hidden costs of not hiring a professional.

“Give Me Five”

Dewey HutchinsMy fellow VPAR members, 2015 is off to a great start. As you can see from our recent general meetings and educational events, we are committed to providing informative and educational activities necessary to making this year the most productive ever. Your participation and support of these events is critical for advancing our goal of distinguishing the differences between a REALTOR® and a sales agent. For a list of scheduled monthly events and training, visit our website .



VPAR-VolunteersThis year we are committed to showing our community that REALTORS care, by our “Give Me Five” campaign. Simply, this is a request for our members to donate at least five hours for the year in a volunteer effort of any organization or event of your choosing. To account for your volunteerism, use this Community Volunteer Service Receipt and email the completed form to We will add the hours collectively at the end of the year to show our community that REALTORS are not merely motivated by financial gains.  Over the years, each of you has given the gifts of time, compassion, commitment and talent to civic and charitable organizations for those in need. Our Association believes in you and supports the valuable contributions you are making to the community. Best wishes this year and let’s make a difference.