Teams & Risk Management – What You Need To Know !


Virginia REALTORS® legal experts Erin Barton and Cate Oroszlan address the riskiest and most-questioned areas of real estate teams and offer some best practices for risk management. This 30-minute webinar focuses on regulating teams, broker supervision, licensing, advertising, compensation, and agency to help you reduce your risk.
Access the full recording here.

Virginia Residential Property Disclosure Act Update – ABOUT FORMS REVISED ON July 10, 2017:

DPOR provided a version of the Residential Property Disclosure Statement with signature blocks effective July 1, 2017, which consolidated the notification and all disclosures into one three-page form. In response to feedback from real estate licensees, the Real Estate Board modified the forms so that only the one-page acknowledgement form directing purchasers to the website is required to be signed by parties.

If you had a property that went under contract between July 1-10, 2017, and you used the three-page form on the Real Estate Board website, you are in compliance with Virginia law and do not need the parties to sign the new one-page acknowledgement form.

After July 10, 2017, sellers are required to provide notification to purchasers about the Residential Property Disclosure Statement website using the acknowledgement form to be signed by the seller and purchaser.

Important Information for Purchasers

Selling Homeowners MUST complete:

Selling Homeowners may also need to complete one or more of these forms:

Common Interest Community


Asbestos & Lead

Virginia REALTORS® offers resources such as an Independent Contractor Agreement

Courts around the country ruled on a large number of independent contractor misclassifications in April 2017, with both good news and bad news for companies. When companies properly classify individuals as independent contractors, and maintain all of the necessary formalities, courts are upholding these classifications. However, when a worker is misclassified, it can be costly. Seven- and eight-figure exposure is becoming commonplace for large and medium-sized business. The Virginia REALTORS® offers resources such as an Independent Contractor Agreement (Form 1700) for use with agents. Check out more resources from the Virginia REALTORS® and National Association here.

8 Hour Broker Management CE Classroom Schedule for 2017

The Peninsula Real Estate School delivers a classroom continuing education for Brokers which is taught in two modules:

Broker Management Module 1:

Understand the importance of keeping pace with emerging trends in real estate now and in the future.  Discuss changes that have impacted today’s real estate businesses and the job of managers & changes that could create challenges in the future.

Broker Management Module 2:

Building your offense; Insuring Against Risk; Dispute Resolution; Property Disclosures; Anti Trust; Communication Issues and Policies; RESPA; Fair Housing; Controlled Business Arrangements

Please see the classroom schedule below:

Cost: $30 per module or $60 for both – for members   Non-members add additional $5 to each module

Classes are from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (Module 1) and 1:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. (Module 2). You are given an hour lunch.

Register at or call 757-599-5222 to pay by phone.  Email Jo McNamara, Education Director with any questions.

VPAR reserves the right to cancel a class if less than 10 people are registered.  Student must give 48 hours notice of cancellation for a full refund. Please notify us in advance if you have a disability that requires additional services.